Friday, June 14, 2013

what mlp are you?
On a quiet day, with nothing going on, what would you do?

A) Go Shopping!
B) go pick and harvest some apples
C) feed and play with the animals or plant some flowers
D) study for the end of the year test
E) Throw a HUGE party
F) chill in my cloud

When your friends are ready to go on a trip, where would you take them?

A) To the equestria mall!
B) to the apple orchard!
C) To the quiet forest
D) To the study hall
E) sugarcube corner!!
F) wonderbolts academy!

Last one, If you had a dream, what would it be?

A) to go to the gala!!
B) to have the harvest award ( if there was one) :(
C) face my fears to the everfree forest
D)  Meet with the princess and become one!
E) to be the grand party host in canterlot!

Heres the results:

All A's = you are most like rarity and loves fashion! you are the element of generosity! 
All B's = you are applejack, you adore picking apples. you have the element of honesty.
All C's = You are fluttershy,  you can face your fears and do anything! you have the element of kindness!
All D's = you are twilight sparkle. you are a nice studier and always takes time for friends,. you have the element of magic.
All E's = you are pinkie pie. you are optimistic and always love to throw parties! you have the element of laughter.
All F's = you are rainbow dash. you are fearless and never decides to give up on her dreams and never turns any pony down. you have the element of loyalty.

Which pony are you most like?

P.S, if you see any other words that are hilighted red except for the email, DONT click them ok?

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