Tuesday, August 6, 2013

hey hey hey! its me again! so, guess what??!! the new princess twilight sparkle build a bear just came out for about 25.00$!! :3 Oh, and i made a new chat on xat! ---> heres the link or, something...     xat.com/CrystalPoniesBlogFrCht

anyway, so yeah :3. (lol mole or pimple) so, i found the release date on the fourth season: november 21 - 26 ( i dont remember) 2013. coming soon!! :D. now you can JOIN my blog and become a Crystalizer today! here! now! yes!!

heres wati need:

email: (for updates and new posts)
xat username: (optinal)
will you be loyal?
will you be on the chat every day? or most of the time?

_ i have read terms and conditions (please check out :terms and conditions for more info)

_go (ouo)

thanks! remember: become a crystalizer today!

~ Rarity

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

build a pony!

Hi every pony! today I'm announcing about the new build a bear workshop option! you can build rainbow dash or pinkie pie! :3 i know it released about two months ago, but i didn't make my log then, did I? There is also a new update on my blog; I will be canceling a pinkamena tale, (not that anypony cared) but its just that school is coming up and i cant do as much anymore. BUT, life in equestria is still going on and i will NOT make another series unless season 2 is done. I'm almost ready to upload " my little pony! life in equestrian; troll episode part 2" I'm still not ready yet because im trying to find a way to not offend trolls out in the crowd.

BTW in here, in the comments, im Rarity k?

~ Rarity

Friday, June 14, 2013

My Little Pony Song lyrics

What My Cutie Mark Is Telling Me (lyrics)

These animals dont listen, no not one little bit, the run around out of control and throw their hissy fits. Its up to me to stop them, cause plainly you can see. its got to be my destiny, and its what my cutie mark is telling me!
I try to keep them laughing put a smile upon their face, but no matter what i try it seems a bit of a disgrace. i have to entertain them, its there for all to see. its got to be my destiny, cause its what my cutie mark is telling me!
i dont care much fer pickin' fruit and plowin' fields aint such a hoot, no matter what i try i cannot fix this busted water chute! Ive got so many chores to do, its no fun being me! but it has to be my destiny, cause its what my cutie mark is telling me!
lookie here at what i made, i think that its a dress? i know it doesn't look like much, im under some distress. could y'all give me a hand here, and help me fix this mess. My destiny is no pretty, but its what my cutie mark is telling me!
Im in love with weather patterns, but the others have concerns. for i just gave them frostbite overtop of their sunburns. I have to keep on trying, for everyone can see. Its got to be! its got to be, my destiny, my destinyyyyyyyy! and its what my cutie mark, All: its what my cutie mark. yes, its what my cutie mark is telling me!

what mlp are you?
On a quiet day, with nothing going on, what would you do?

A) Go Shopping!
B) go pick and harvest some apples
C) feed and play with the animals or plant some flowers
D) study for the end of the year test
E) Throw a HUGE party
F) chill in my cloud

When your friends are ready to go on a trip, where would you take them?

A) To the equestria mall!
B) to the apple orchard!
C) To the quiet forest
D) To the study hall
E) sugarcube corner!!
F) wonderbolts academy!

Last one, If you had a dream, what would it be?

A) to go to the gala!!
B) to have the harvest award ( if there was one) :(
C) face my fears to the everfree forest
D)  Meet with the princess and become one!
E) to be the grand party host in canterlot!

Heres the results:

All A's = you are most like rarity and loves fashion! you are the element of generosity! 
All B's = you are applejack, you adore picking apples. you have the element of honesty.
All C's = You are fluttershy,  you can face your fears and do anything! you have the element of kindness!
All D's = you are twilight sparkle. you are a nice studier and always takes time for friends,. you have the element of magic.
All E's = you are pinkie pie. you are optimistic and always love to throw parties! you have the element of laughter.
All F's = you are rainbow dash. you are fearless and never decides to give up on her dreams and never turns any pony down. you have the element of loyalty.

Which pony are you most like?

P.S, if you see any other words that are hilighted red except for the email, DONT click them ok?

Another season...?

It has been said and done. There is going to officially be a season 4 of My Little Pony! Its coming out in winter of 2013! Suprising huh? It ended, Twilight became an alicorn. BUT WAIT! Remember in season 3, episode 11? When Discord becomes good? He uses his magic for good? What if, DISCORD, REPLACES TWILIGHT?!?!? No, I'm kidding. But what if that happened? Well, we just have to wait and see.

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Hello Ponies and Bronys! My new blog will contain: Pony updates, Brony style, New ponies, and more! Lets let you take time to explore what you are in for! ... hmmm... anyway, to start you off...Guess what? there is going to be an equestria girls coming out soon! (O3O). Like and follow me on Facebook and subscribe to me on youtube! See you around!