Tuesday, August 6, 2013

hey hey hey! its me again! so, guess what??!! the new princess twilight sparkle build a bear just came out for about 25.00$!! :3 Oh, and i made a new chat on xat! ---> heres the link or, something...     xat.com/CrystalPoniesBlogFrCht

anyway, so yeah :3. (lol mole or pimple) so, i found the release date on the fourth season: november 21 - 26 ( i dont remember) 2013. coming soon!! :D. now you can JOIN my blog and become a Crystalizer today! here! now! yes!!

heres wati need:

email: (for updates and new posts)
xat username: (optinal)
will you be loyal?
will you be on the chat every day? or most of the time?

_ i have read terms and conditions (please check out :terms and conditions for more info)

_go (ouo)

thanks! remember: become a crystalizer today!

~ Rarity

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