Tuesday, July 23, 2013

build a pony!

Hi every pony! today I'm announcing about the new build a bear workshop option! you can build rainbow dash or pinkie pie! :3 i know it released about two months ago, but i didn't make my log then, did I? There is also a new update on my blog; I will be canceling a pinkamena tale, (not that anypony cared) but its just that school is coming up and i cant do as much anymore. BUT, life in equestria is still going on and i will NOT make another series unless season 2 is done. I'm almost ready to upload " my little pony! life in equestrian; troll episode part 2" I'm still not ready yet because im trying to find a way to not offend trolls out in the crowd.

BTW in here, in the comments, im Rarity k?

~ Rarity

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